WordPoints Daybook Series

Daily Affirmations of Hope and Courage

Book 3 - Diligently Seeking God

Daily Motivation to Take God More Seriously

Diligently Seeking GodWhat difference does it make whether we seek God? As long as our lives in this world are fairly comfortable, do we really need God? Diligently Seeking God offers an entire year of daily meditations that will help you look at these questions more honestly. Each page explores a different dimension of our need for God and invites you to desire God more deeply.

Diligently Seeking God is Book 3 in the WordPoints Daybook Series by Gary Henry. Using the form of a daily devotional with one page for each day of the year, the book centers on the thought of Hebrews 11:6: “Without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.”

Diligently Seeking God offers hope and comfort but without sacrificing intellectual rigor. It is written in a style that is as reverent as it is comfortable. Here is, as one reader said, “a devotional with a difference,” one that meets us as real people and wrestles with the questions we ponder in our most personal moments. In a day when many people are rejecting religion as being outmoded, this book could not be more timely.

No matter where your spiritual life is right now, this book will beckon you to higher ground. Whether you see yourself as being a Christian or not, Diligently Seeking God will:

  • Motivate you to take God more seriously every day
  • Encourage you to focus on God, rather than on yourself
  • Challenge you to make God a greater priority
  • Help you to make positive choices for the quality of your life
  • Inspire you to keep going when life is hard

Provocative and passionate about life’s most important subject, this book is not just interesting — it will make a real difference in your spiritual growth, nudging you where you need to be nudged.

Each book in the WordPoints Daybook Series contains “daily affirmations of hope and courage.” Standing in the centuries-old tradition of the “daybook,” these books contain a single reading for each day of the year. The idea is to use each day’s reading as the starting point for a brief, but profitable, meditation. The readings are short enough to be read by busy people (as most of us are these days), but they are ‘provocative’ and ‘suggestive’ in the highest sense. Highly concentrated, each meditation provides the foundation for deeper consideration throughout the day.

Diligently Seeking God will make you think. Enjoy it, and give it to those you love!

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What Faith Makes Possible (January 17)

What Faith Makes Possible (January 17)

By faith, we seek to please God because we love Him. It is faith that gives wings to love’s natural desire. Showing us not only that God can be pleased but how we may do so, faith gives true substance to love’s highest wish: the pleasure of our beloved God.

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The End of All Our Desire (January 16)

The End of All Our Desire (January 16)

God holds every true treasure that our hearts yearn for, and He “can satisfy the last aching abyss of the human soul” (Oswald Chambers). His will is for us to seek Him sincerely and make our supplication to Him concerning every empty place within us.

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The Joy of Fulfilling Our Purpose (January 15)

The Joy of Fulfilling Our Purpose (January 15)

As long as sin fractures our commitment to God, we won’t enjoy the fullness that can only come from perfect commitment. But if we genuinely seek God in trust and obedience, we’ll find a joy that, although incomplete for now, is nevertheless deep and true.

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