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Diligently Seeking God

Learning What We Long to Know (December 7)

In the end, it will be seen that all of our outward actions were the result of our knowledge of God — or the lack of that knowledge. This knowledge is the soil out of which our lives grow, and if the soil is barren, our harvest will not be bountiful.

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Reaching Forward

Every Tongue Shall Confess (December 7)

For the time being, the truth about God is not unequivocal. It is possible to deny that He exists. But when the Father and His Son openly declare themselves, the truth will be unavoidable. Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess the truth.

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Enthusiastic Ideas

Questions (December 7)

As undesirable as ignorance is, there is something even worse, and that is a lack of integrity. Asking a question should mean not only that we want to know the truth about something; it should also mean that we want to do what’s right about that truth.

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Daily Family Bible Studies