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Diligently Seeking God

More Than Mere Insurance (March 23)

Christ went to the Cross to make possible more than mere insurance against the catastrophic loss of our souls in hell. He sacrificed Himself to save us from sin, both its guilt and its power. Our deliverance from sin will culminate in heaven, but the process begins right now!

Reaching Forward

Sins of Ignorance, Sins of Weakness (March 23)

Even when our sins are inadvertent, in most cases we still have some personal responsibility. It often happens that we're more ignorant and weak than we ought to be, given the time and opportunity God has granted us to grow (Hebrews 5:12).

Enthusiastic Ideas

Politeness (March 23)

While the difference between the polite and the impolite may sometimes seem too small to be significant, that's not an argument for discarding the idea of politeness. In fact, it may be the little acts of politeness that matter the most.

Three Crucial Questions

Three Crucial Questions

(1) Why become a Christian? (2) How does one become a Christian? (3) What about the issue of “church”? All three of these questions are important. And for all three, we need accurate answers — from the Scriptures rather than personal opinion or popular belief.

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March 2018

March 2018

I want to tell you more about a project I mentioned briefly last month: the upcoming section of that will be called “Are You A Christian?”. I used to have a minimal version of this on my website, but now I am preparing to launch it in a more extensive format.

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