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Diligently Seeking God

Selfish Motives Are Not Strong Enough (April 19)

We must get outside of ourselves and be drawn into concerns that are more vast and "moving" than the mere rise and fall of our own happiness. To a great extent, this is what growth toward spiritual maturity is about. It is learning to live by the strong laws of love.

Reaching Forward

Does Your Life Look Desperate? (April 19)

If there were no such thing as God, iff there was nothing beyond the confines of this world worth reaching forward to, then desperation would be an understandable response to the condition the world is in. But there is, in fact, a God, and that should make all the difference!

Enthusiastic Ideas

Frankness (April 19)

We need to check not only our communication techniques but also our motives. I believe it's true: love is the only healthy reason for telling the truth. Frankness will only be commendable in us when we use it to convey truth with charity and good judgment.

Three Crucial Questions

Three Crucial Questions

(1) Why become a Christian? (2) How does one become a Christian? (3) What about the issue of “church”? All three of these questions are important. And for all three, we need accurate answers — from the Scriptures rather than personal opinion or popular belief.

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April 2018

April 2018

Print PDF I'd like to tell you about a new sermon series I am developing. This series is called Obeying the Gospel, and it will be tied to the new book I am writing by the same title. (Remember that...

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