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Is devotion to God your primary passion in life? Our daily devotionals and Bible studies are designed to help you pursue this important spiritual goal. More than mere fluff, our books are "devotional books with a difference." If you're ready to grow, we're here to support you.

The WordPoints Daybook Series provides daily devotional meditations, while our growing collection of Bible study tools will give you guidance in exploring the Scriptures. The WordPoints blog will challenge your thinking on a variety of religious topics. We'd especially like to draw your attention to the "Daily Family Bible Studies," a collection of biblical themes for families to talk about together.

I sincerely hope you'll join me on this journey, a journey which is by far the most important of all our endeavors! As you use the WordPoints website, feel free to share your insights or questions with me. I'd love to help you in your Christian daily devotion.

Gary Henry - [email protected]

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Diligently Seeking God

Letting People Be People (January 19)

Nothing short of divine love can equip us to love others as we should, for it is our security in God’s perfect love that makes it safe to love those who are not perfect. Without the God who ordained them, the laws of love would be difficult and dangerous indeed.

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Reaching Forward

The Importance of Goals to Grow Toward (January 19)

It doesn’t do much good to simply say, “I know I need to be a better person.” Instead, we need to take an honest inventory of our personal traits on a regular basis and then make definite commitments, God being our Helper, to change our character.

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Enthusiastic Ideas

Spontaneity (January 19)

The desire (often a very strong one) to break out of our routines and do something unplanned and unpredictable is not a bad desire. It must be managed with wisdom, admittedly, but there’s no denying that spontaneity can be a potent force for good in our lives.

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Daily Family Bible Studies

Gary's Blog

Truth Ain’t Goin’ Away

We spend a great deal of time running away from things we know are true. We deny these things, suppress them, and pretend they aren’t so — but all the while, the truth is still there waiting to be dealt with. Closing the blinds doesn’t make the sun go away.

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Monthly Report

January 2018

It is a great blessing for me to be able to call the Douglass Hills congregation my “home base” at this point. I hope you will join me in giving thanks to God for making this blessing possible and for the work I will be able to do in this supportive environment.

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