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Christian daily devotional books and Bible study tools from WordPoints. Daily meditations by Gary Henry, encouraging growth in devotion to God.

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Meditations for Daily Growth

Obeying the Gospel

Diligently Seeking God

God Will Always Love Us More (September 26)

God Will Always Love Us More (September 26)

The surest way to grow in our love for God is to meditate on the depth of His love for us. If we have even the smallest fraction of the love for our Lord that He has shown toward us, we will not love Him with anything less than all of our hearts.

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Reaching Forward

Happiness Is Nice But Unnecessary (September 26)

Happiness Is Nice But Unnecessary (September 26)

We can do without happiness if we have to. It is not the “summum bonum” in life, the ultimate good. There is simply nothing in this life that we can’t do without. God is all we have to have. So things like happiness can be relinquished, if need be.

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Enthusiastic Ideas

Limits (September 26)

Limits (September 26)

Among the limits that must be respected are those that are moral in nature. Beyond that, however, there are many other limits that we should respect, such as our personal limits. We are finite beings, and we are at our best when we accept that fact.

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Challenging Every Person to Take God More Seriously

Is devotion to God your primary passion? Our daily devotionals and Bible studies are designed to help you pursue this goal. More than mere fluff, our readings are “devotionals with a difference.” If you’re ready to reach toward spiritual growth, we’re here to support you.

Devotional Meditation - WordPoints

Devotional Meditation

Rather than thinking about God casually, meditation is a deep pondering of His truth. When we meditate devotionally, the facts about God are given more than a “passing glance.” We think about them intently and lovingly so their meaning can truly sink in.

Daily Devotional Books - WordPoints

Daily Devotional Books

Unfortunately, many of the best-selling devotionals are popular not because they produce greater devotion to God but because they give the reader a sugary “high.” They aim to make the reader feel better, but they do little to stimulate significant spiritual growth.

Devotion to God - WordPoints

Devotion to God

Devotional strength must be built up by constant, disciplined practice over time. Paul reminded his young friend Timothy of this when he said, “Meditate on these things; give yourself entirely to them, that your progress may be evident to all” (1 Timothy 4:15).

Themes for Families to Talk About

Daily Family Bible Studies - WordPoints

Other Resources

Articles - Gary Henry - WordPoints


Short essays by Gary Henry from various published sources over the years. Many different topics.

Sermon Outlines - Gary Henry - WordPoints


Sermon outlines are not just for preachers. These outlines make for good personal Bible studies.

Lectures - Gary Henry - WordPoints


These are lectures delivered by Gary Henry in environments that are somewhat more “academic.”

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Free PDF Downloads

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Bulk Discount on WordPoints Books

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