Priority: Feeling Good or Thinking Rightly?

Priority: Feeling Good or Thinking Rightly?

In this world, there are some heartbreaking difficulties to be dealt with. God is going to be victorious in the end, of course, and all will be well. But let us not demand a premature cessation of sorrow. For now, our path is one of PATIENCE rather than perfect happiness.

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Is devotion to God your primary passion? Our daily devotionals and Bible studies are designed to help you pursue this important spiritual goal. More than mere fluff, our books are “devotional books with a difference.” If you’re ready to grow, we’re here to support you.

The WordPoints Daybook Series provides daily devotional meditations, while our collection of Bible study tools will give you guidance in exploring the Scriptures. The WordPoints blog will challenge your thinking on a variety of religious topics. We’d especially like to draw your attention to the Daily Family Bible Studies, a collection of biblical themes for families to talk about together.

I sincerely hope you’ll join me on this journey, a journey which is by far the most important of all our endeavors! As you use the WordPoints website, feel free to share your insights or questions with me. I’d love to help you in your Christian daily devotion.

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Where We’re Most Vulnerable (August 15)

To a great extent, the quality of our lives is determined by this basic question: which will be our main focus from day to day, correcting our own faults or correcting those of others? Much that is important in life depends on our decision.

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Feelings (August 15)

“The ability to feel is indivisible. Repress awareness of any one feeling, and all feelings are dulled . . . The same nerve endings are required for weeping and dancing, fear and ecstasy.” So we need to hold on to the ability to feel, even when it’s painful to do so.

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Above and Beyond (August 15)

If we humbly respond to God in the obedience of faith, we can rest assured that the answer to our prayers will never be anything less than good. And very often, the answer will go beyond the good to the better . . . and even to the best.

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