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Diligently Seeking God

Readmittance to the Knowledge of God (May 21)

Even in Christ, it is still not possible right now to see and know God as Adam and Eve did. But the hope of Christianity is that, through Christ, what was lost in the Fall can actually be regained. The time comes when those who have truly sought God "shall see His face."

Reaching Forward

The Longsuffering of the Lord Is Salvation (May 21)

If God has not yet come to judge the world that does not mean that He is indifferent to evil; it means that He is still holding the door of salvation open. His longsuffering is nothing less than our salvation. We are the world's greatest fools if we don't see that.

Enthusiastic Ideas

Altruism (May 21)

"Loving what is right is different from hating what is wrong and feeling right about it." And frankly, the more affluent we are, the more we need to be warned: altruism isn't a philosophy -- it's a lifestyle that results in the positive blessing of other people.

Three Crucial Questions

Three Crucial Questions

(1) Why become a Christian? (2) How does one become a Christian? (3) What about the issue of “church”? All three of these questions are important. And for all three, we need accurate answers — from the Scriptures rather than personal opinion or popular belief.

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May 2018

May 2018

I am planning a major new section in the website that will be comprised of five basic areas, each containing information useful to five distinct audiences. This will be called “Core Content” on the WordPoints website.

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