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To Know It Is to Weep (August 21)

Although we naturally prefer to dwell on God's mercy, it is the wretchedness of our plight without God that makes His mercy meaningful. We can't enjoy the latter very deeply if we haven't thought about the former very honestly.

Thoughts on Being ‘Next’ (August 21)

As long as even one of your parents is alive, there can still be some sense in which you view yourself as the "younger" generation, but when both parents are gone, the truth is unavoidable: you are "next" on the brink. For the Christian, that should be a thrilling thought!

Invitations (August 21)

When invitations are innocent, we should be open to their call. We dare not waste life by neglecting its opportunities. So every person needs to ask himself, "How easily invited am I? When life is entreating me to follow a better path, am I receptive or resistant?"

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The Christ of the Cross

We do not think about the death of Christ as much as we should -- or emphasize it adequately in our preaching. But truly, the cross is the heart of the gospel. The gospel of Christ is nothing less than the "word of the cross" (1 Cor. 1:17,18).

About the Facebook Post on President Trump

The 2016 election confronted me with the most agonizing electoral decision I have ever faced. I had conscientious objections to both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The objections were different in each case, but they were deeply felt and extremely important to me.

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