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Diligently Seeking God

Praying for the Greater Things (February 20)

As we learn to pray, we must learn to want the higher things that relate to God's rule and His righteousness, and we must learn to want them for higher reasons than those that usually motivate us. We must seek, above all, the things that redound to His glory.

Reaching Forward

New Delight (February 20)

As Christians, the new delight we can have in God is the real thing. It's what we were made for. It's all we've ever dreamed of and then some. And the main thing about it is that it centers on God Himself. He, finally, is all we really desire.

Enthusiastic Ideas

Presence (February 20)

In these days of multi-channel communications, it's rare to communicate with anyone, even face to face, and feel that you have that person's undivided attention. We're torn and divided. We're simply not present for one another anymore. And much is being lost.

Three Crucial Questions

Three Crucial Questions

(1) Why become a Christian? (2) How does one become a Christian? (3) What about the issue of “church”? All three of these questions are important. And for all three, we need accurate answers — from the Scriptures rather than personal opinion or popular belief.

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February 2018

February 2018

It was a delight to be with the Twin City congregation in College Station TX on January 19-24. This church has supported me for many years, and it was a treat to be with them. Following that, I had the joy of two nights in the home of Dee & Norma Bowman in Pasadena TX.

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