August 2018

I’m getting a good bit of writing done this summer, but the past few weeks have found me “on the road” preaching in various places. Each location has provided a unique experience in the Lord’s work and given me cause for great joy.

July 2018

I’d like to update you on the progress I’m making on the new book, “Obeying the Gospel.” This is not the only work I’m doing right now, but in my own mind it is the most important. I hope you will be excited about this writing as it progresses.

June 2018

Even though I can no longer maintain an apartment in Meridian, Mississippi, I still want to encourage the church at Seventh Street as much as I can, and the brethren have invited me to come back and preach for them on months that have a fifth Sunday.

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May 2018

I am planning a major new section in the website that will be comprised of five basic areas, each containing information useful to five distinct audiences. This will be called “Core Content” on the WordPoints website.

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April 2018

I’d like to tell you about a new sermon series I am developing. This series is called “Obeying the Gospel,” and it will be closely linked to the new book I am writing by the same title. I believe these new topics are of immense importance to all of us.

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