June 2018

Even though I can no longer maintain an apartment in Meridian, Mississippi, I still want to encourage the church at Seventh Street as much as I can, and the brethren have invited me to come back and preach for them on months that have a fifth Sunday.

May 2018

I am planning a major new section in the WordPoints.com website that will be comprised of five basic areas, each containing information useful to five distinct audiences. This will be called “Core Content” on the WordPoints website.

April 2018

I’d like to tell you about a new sermon series I am developing. This series is called “Obeying the Gospel,” and it will be closely linked to the new book I am writing by the same title. I believe these new topics are of immense importance to all of us.

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March 2018

I want to tell you more about a project I mentioned briefly last month: the upcoming section of WordPoints.com that will be called “Are You A Christian?”. I used to have a minimal version of this on my website, but now I am preparing to launch it in a more extensive format.

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February 2018

It was a delight to be with the Twin City congregation in College Station TX on January 19-24. This church has supported me for many years, and it was a treat to be with them. Following that, I had the joy of two nights in the home of Dee & Norma Bowman in Pasadena TX.

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