Monthly Reports

April 2018

Print PDF I'd like to tell you about a new sermon series I am developing. This series is called Obeying the Gospel, and it will be tied to the new book I am writing by the same title. (Remember that...

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March 2018

I want to tell you more about a project I mentioned briefly last month: the upcoming section of that will be called “Are You A Christian?”. I used to have a minimal version of this on my website, but now I am preparing to launch it in a more extensive format.

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February 2018

It was a delight to be with the Twin City congregation in College Station TX on January 19-24. This church has supported me for many years, and it was a treat to be with them. Following that, I had the joy of two nights in the home of Dee & Norma Bowman in Pasadena TX.

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January 2018

It is a great blessing for me to be able to call the Douglass Hills congregation my “home base” at this point. I hope you will join me in giving thanks to God for making this blessing possible and for the work I will be able to do in this supportive environment.

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December 2017

In 2018, I will still preach and teach as I have the opportunity, but I will be giving greater attention to my writing. If the writing I wish to do is going to be completed before I die, the time has come for me to get serious about it and make it my main focus.

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November 2017

The past two years in my life have been tumultuous, as you know. Physically, emotionally, and spiritually, I have struggled. But by the grace of a Father who has been willing to forgive me and let me start over, I have been blessed with the most wonderful “new beginning” imaginable.

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