The Restoration Principle

Restoration: Its Meaning and Importance Today

DEALING WITH RESTORATION AND ITS IMPORTANCE TO US RIGHT NOW, all of these essays will be found, Lord willing, in various places in my book Walking in Christ, scheduled for publication in the fall of 2025. They have been gathered together here so they can be read as a continuous work. Here are the 18 essays:

Those who talk about apostasy and urge us to guard against its danger are often accused of talking about nothing else. To that charge, at least, I plead innocent. These pages make up only 1/20th of Walking in Christ, the book of which they will be a part, and an even smaller percentage of my lifetime work as a whole.

In both the written and spoken word, I’ve always tried to balance courtesy and clarity (a decidedly difficult feat), but in this particular work I have tilted more in the direction of clarity. The topics are of crucial importance, and your time would be wasted if I spoke in such a gentle, roundabout way that you didn’t get the point.

These days it sometimes feels like we’re living in a “blender,” with every imaginable idea thrown together and blended into an undifferentiated pudding. This doing-away-with-distinctions is part and parcel of modern “globalism,” “pluralism,” and “tolerance.” But if we’re going to be anything like our brothers and sisters in the New Testament, there are some distinctions that will have to be defended and kept in place. This material addresses some of those concerns.

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