Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I contact WordPoints?

  • Address: Gary Henry / WordPoints, 1310 Snake Foot Drive, Apt 104, Louisville KY 40243
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 502-682-2603
  • Facebook: Personal page for Gary Henry and publisher page for WordPoints

What is WordPoints?

WordPoints is a small religious publishing company, delivering content written by Gary Henry via websites, blogs, e-books, and other digital media. It also serves as the publishing vehicle for hard-copy books written by Gary, including the daily devotional book Diligently Seeking God. WordPoints is a member of Independent Book Publishers Association. For more about our publishing philosophy, see ABOUT WORDPOINTS.

Who is Gary Henry?

Gary Henry is a Bible study teacher who lives in Louisville, Kentucky. He writes and speaks in special evangelistic meetings. For more information, see ABOUT THE AUTHOR.

What kind of books does WordPoints publish?

Our books are what the old-timers used to call “daybooks” — books with one page for each day of the year, containing a short, thoughtful meditation that gives the reader something to ponder throughout the day. The WordPoints Daybook Series will eventually contain seven volumes.

What books are in the ‘WordPoints Daybook Series’?

  • Book 1 – Enthusiastic Ideas
  • Book 2 – More Enthusiastic Ideas
  • Book 3 – Diligently Seeking God
  • Book 4 – Reaching Forward
  • Book 5 – Obeying the Gospel (fall 2020)
  • Book 6 – Walking in Christ (In preparation)
  • Book 7 – Going Home (In preparation)

Where can WordPoints books be purchased?

Gary’s Amazon page

Florida College Bookstore- Temple Terrace, Florida

Online bookstore

CEI/Truth Bookstore- Athens, Alabama

Online bookstore

One Stone Biblical Resources- Bowling Green, Kentucky

Online bookstore

Note: WordPoints books are available from many other booksellers besides the ones listed above. Check your favorite source. If copies are not in stock at a particular time, any bookseller can order them for you.

When did WordPoints begin?

WordPoints began in 2002 prior to the publication of Diligently Seeking God.

Who owns WordPoints?

WordPoints is a sole proprietorship owned by Gary Henry.

Is WordPoints affiliated with any denomination, congregation, or religious organization?

No. Although the author, Gary Henry, is a member of the Douglass Hills Church of Christ in Louisville, Kentucky, WordPoints is not connected to that congregation, any group of congregations, or any para-church organization. It is a private, independent publishing project.

Does WordPoints have a doctrinal statement?

No. We have not encapsulated our beliefs in a formal statement, but we are happy to answer any questions readers might have on specific points of belief.

Can WordPoints website materials be reproduced for group studies, classes, bulletins, etc.?

Yes. We encourage the use of these resources by anyone who finds them helpful. (There is no need to write us for permission to reprint.)

Are WordPoints books available at a bulk discount?

Our books are available at a bulk discount price of $10.95 per copy (plus shipping). The quantity must be 18 copies or more, but you can mix and match titles if you wish. Email us at [email protected] to place a bulk order, indicating which title(s) you want, the quantity, and the address you want the books shipped to. We will figure the shipping and send you an invoice for the total cost. (Obviously, this bulk discount is for congregations, study groups, and individuals who wish to give copies of these books away. You are not allowed to resell the books at retail.)

From "Diligently Seeking God"

  • Made to be Filled (July 4)
    Made to be Filled (July 4)
    There is no higher request we can make than to be filled with God. When we see that this is the meaning of life -- to be filled with God ourselves, and then to communicate Him to others -- we can begin to fulfill the potential for which we were made.
  • Walking with God (July 3)
    Walking with God (July 3)
    It is remarkable that God offers to every one of us the possibility of walking with Him. No matter how badly we have wrecked our past, God is willing for us to walk with Him the rest of the way home, if we'll accept His pardon on His terms.

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