About the Author

The author of WordPoints.com is Gary Henry who lives in Louisville, Kentucky, and worships with the Douglass Hills Church of Christ. Gary is the author of the WordPoints Daybook Series and many other biblical study materials. You may contact Gary by email at [email protected] or by phone at (502) 682‑2603.


  • Roots in southwestern Arkansas.
  • Parents: Leroy Parker Henry and Charlene Roberts Henry. (Mother a granddaughter of J. A. and Georgia Copeland of Delight, Arkansas.)
  • Born in Hope, Arkansas in 1950.
  • Lived briefly in Oxford, Mississippi in the early 1950s. (Father, a watchmaker, worked on William Faulkner’s watch a time or two.)
  • Grew up in Meridian, Mississippi, and Gulfport, Mississippi.
  • Since college has lived in Mississippi, Kentucky, Indiana, Texas, and Tennessee. Currently lives in Louisville, Kentucky.


  • Meridian, Mississippi: Marion Park Elementary School (1956–62).
  • Gulfport, Mississippi: Central Elementary School, West Junior High School, and Gulfport High School (1968).
  • Florida College, A.A. (1970)
  • Florida College, Biblical Studies (1972)
  • Western Kentucky University, B.A. in Religious Studies (1976)
  • Western Kentucky University, M.A. in Humanities (1979)

Evangelistic Work

  • 1972–2013 — Worked with local churches in Mississippi, Kentucky, Indiana, Texas, and Tennessee.
  • 2013-present — Devotes full-time to writing and travel preaching.

Interests, Hobbies, etc.

  • Reading, reading, reading. Favorite authors: J. R. R. Tolkien first, then Eudora Welty, Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, Bailey White, and James Michener.
  • Music, music, music. Favorite musicians: Loreena McKennitt first, then Van Morrison, Alison Krauss, Andreas Vollenweider, and October Project.
  • Humor, humor, humor. Favorite humorists: Jerry Clower first, then Rowan Atkinson, Jonathan Winters, Bob Newhart, and Woody Allen.
  • Traditional Southern cooking. Member of Southern Foodways Alliance. Favorite foods: cornbread & buttermilk first, then country ham, pinto beans, turnip greens, and pineapple upside-down cake.
  • Barbecue. Like it virtually any way it can be done. “And suddenly another beast, a second, like a bear. It was raised up on one side, and had three ribs in its mouth between its teeth. And they said thus to it: ‘Arise, devour much flesh!’ ” (Daniel 7:5).


  • Former editor of Brass Tacks (1986–89). Numerous articles for Searching the Scriptures (1972–92) and Christianity Magazine (1984–99).
  • Articles in Focus Magazine, Biblical Insights, and Truth Magazine.
  • “Malachi: A Call for Reverence” in The Minor Prophets for Every Man (Florida College Press, 1989).
  • “Belief in Jesus Christ, the Son of God” in God So Loved: Studies in the Gospel of John (Florida College Press, 2002).
  • “The New Exodus” in The Gospel in the Old Testament (Florida College Press, 2003).
  • “I Know That My Redeemer Lives — Job 19:25” in Great Texts in the Old Testament (Truth Magazine, 2007).
  • “The Greatest Devotional Aid” in Beneath the Cross: Essays and Reflections on the Lord’s Supper (DeWard Publishing Company, 2008).
  • “Transcendence in Elie Wiesel’s Work” in Bloom’s Guides: Night edited by Harold Bloom (Bloom’s Literary Criticism, 2009).
  • “The Preacher’s Devotional Life” in Behind the Preacher’s Door edited by Warren Berkley (Spiritbuilding Publishing, 2010).
  • “You Have Turned Aside — Malachi 1–2: Restoration as an Ongoing Work” in Trembling at My Word (Florida College Press, 2011).
  • “His Delight Is in the Law of the Lord — Psalm 1” in You Are My God (Florida College Press, 2016).
  • Books: Diligently Seeking God: Daily Motivation to Take God More Seriously (WordPoints, 2003), Reaching Forward: Daily Motivation to Move Ahead More Steadily (WordPoints, 2009), Enthusiastic Ideas: A Good Word for Every Day of the Year (WordPoints, 2011), More Enthusiastic Ideas: Another Good Word for Every Day of the Year (WordPoints, 2016), and Obeying the Gospel: Daily Motivation to Act on Our Faith (WordPoints, 2020).
  • Numerous website writings: WordPoints.com and AreYouaChristian.com.

Miscellaneous Favorites

  • Non-Fiction Book: Payne Hollow by Harlan Hubbard
  • Scholarly Book: Words & Values by Peggy Rosenthal
  • Series of Books: The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture edited by Charles Reagan Wilson
  • Bookstore: Square Books in Oxford, Mississippi
  • Supplier for Reading & Writing Tools: Levenger
  • Town: Meridian, Mississippi
  • City: New York, New York
  • Sandwich: Muffuletta (with shrimp po’ boy a close second)
  • Beverage: Barq’s Root Beer
  • Doughnuts: Krispy Kreme (with Shipley’s gaining ground steadily)
  • Hamburgers: Whataburger
  • Restaurant: Weidmann’s in Meridian, Mississippi
  • Cook: Ronni Lundy
  • Food Writer: John Egerton
  • Cartoonist: Jerry Van Amerongen
  • Dead Composer: Beethoven . . . and his favorite composer, Handel
  • Living Composer: Howard Shore
  • Painter: Thomas Kinkade
  • Public Speaker: Mike Vance
  • Motivator: Stephen R. Covey
  • Journalist: Charles Osgood
  • Essayist: E. B. White
  • Grammarian: Edward D. Johnson
  • Scholar: James Augustus Murray
  • Philosopher: Mortimer Adler
  • Statesman: Henry Kissinger
  • American Hero: George Washington

Life in the Son (July 21)

Life in the Son (July 21)

Let’s avoid thinking that “eternal life” is different only in that it lasts longer than our earthly life. It is indeed “eternal” because it is unending, but more than that, it is of a different quality. It is not only longer, but it is better.

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