Overview of the Work


A good percentage of my work involves speaking to congregations of Christians in various places. At present, I am holding 20-25 gospel meetings a year. I may be able to increase this number within a few years, but even at the current rate, a conservative estimate would be that I speak to 2,000-3,000 different people a year, and most of those people hear more than one lesson from me.

Our work in the Lord may be described as “sowing the seed,” and so it is appropriate to measure that work (whether individually or congregationally) in terms of the amount of seed sown. I have always calculated the “reach” of my work in terms of “teaching hours per year.” For me, a teaching hour is “one lesson presented to one person, whether publicly or privately.” Based on 20 meetings a year to congregations averaging even 75 in attendance (most are more than that), with an average of 6 lessons per meeting, that means I log at least 9,000 teaching hours a year, just in gospel meetings. And that does not count fill-in preaching, classes, private studies, etc.

Though I’ve been preaching for a long time now, I still enjoy the challenge of communicating the word of God publicly to a live audience. No two audiences are ever the same, and so the work has a constant variety to it. Nothing I’ve ever tried to do is more difficult than preaching, and at this point in my life, I love the challenge. I am deeply indebted to those congregations that ask me to speak — it is an extremely gratifying work.


I am presently writing a series of seven books, called the “WordPoints Daybook Series.” Each book runs to about 165,000 words, so when this project is done it will involve over one million words in print.

  1. Enthusiastic Ideas (2012)
  2. More Enthusiastic Ideas (2016)
  3. Diligently Seeking God (2003)
  4. Reaching Forward (2009)
  5. Obeying the Gospel (in preparation)
  6. Walking in Christ (in preparation)
  7. Going Home (in preparation)

These are “daybooks” — they each consist of a one-page reading for each day of the year. They are devotional in nature, but with more substance and depth than many devotional writings have. Diligently Seeking God,” the first of these to be published and the most familiar, has around 15,000 copies in print.

If you are not already acquainted with these books, it would be difficult for me to describe the impact they have had in the lives of their readers. Nearly every day, I get emails and cards from people I have never met expressing profound gratitude for these books. (Please read “What Readers Are Saying” for a sample of these notes.) Frankly, I was not prepared for the influence that these books have enjoyed in so many places. Their popularity has altered my life radically, and generated a heavy load of correspondence. But I am touched, and very grateful, that the Lord has put me in a position to affect the lives of so many people at such a deep level.

The daily pages for these books can also be received by email each day, free of charge. I have several different email lists that people can subscribe to, and these mailings reach over 5,000 people every day, 365 days a year. These readings are also posted on Facebook and reach an additional 3,000-5,000 people each week through that medium.

In addition to the books, I maintain a website at WordPoints.com. This website is the repository for all of my teaching material — daily pages from my books, sermon outlines, daily family Bible studies, downloadable Bible study materials, blog posts, and more. This web site receives over 40,000 page views every month.

Gary Henry – WordPoints.com

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