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Obeying the Gospel

Daily Motivation to Act on Our Faith

Perfection, Corruption, Restoration (February 27)

Although God might have let justice run its course, He was not willing to leave us lost. If we had ruined the perfection He had created us to enjoy, He would allow us to come back to Him — even if He had to take the punishment for our sin.

Alive Together with Christ (February 26)

If we’ve obeyed the gospel, we are not any more alive physically, but we certainly possess a spiritual life we didn’t used to have. When we were baptized, God “raised us up with [Christ] and seated us with him in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus.”

Adam’s Helpless Race (February 25)

Sin is not a problem we can work our own way out of. Having alienated ourselves from God, we were absolutely helpless. What we needed was not simply encouragement or a better moral example. We needed a sinless Savior who would die on our behalf.

Out of Zion Shall Go Forth the Law (February 24)

What began to “go forth” from Jerusalem on Pentecost was the preaching of the truth about God’s means of saving the world in Christ. Since then, anyone who has heard that message — and obeyed it — has come into a forgiven relationship with God.

They Shall All Know Me (February 23)

One way we might define those who are God’s people in the new covenant is that they are those who know God. And don’t misunderstand: they are those whom God knows to be those who know Him. “The Lord knows those who are his” (2 Timothy 2:19).

Written on Their Hearts (February 22)

In the prophets, God’s judgment upon sin was always accompanied by a message of great hope for those who would come back to Him. In our study of the “new covenant” in Jeremiah 31, let’s look today at what was said about the “hearts” of God’s people.

Diligently Seeking God

Daily Motivation to Take God More Seriously

Real Change, Slow Progress (February 27)

Our hearts need an inside-out transformation. This is the goal God has in mind for us, and there is no shortcut to it. We should make sure that any impatience we have with our present imperfection does not turn into impatience with God Himself.

The Cult of Self-Flagellation (February 26)

As we acknowledge our failures and our sorrows, various forms of self-righteousness can creep into our thinking. Secretly, we may come to look upon those whose lives appear more trouble-free as being somehow less spiritually mature than we are.

The Cult of the Naked Emperor (February 25)

Let us not praise our present “clothing” more than the facts warrant. If we’re among His faithful people, Christ will one day clothe us in perfect glory. Our rags will be turned into riches. Until then, we need to be honest about our raggedness.

The Great Encounter (February 24)

Events can seem so overwhelming it’s hard to not to feel like “dust in the wind.” And yet there remains within us a will that is free. When we make even a single choice to do what is right before God, we alter the course of history for the better.

We Can Truly Change (February 23)

The drastic rehabilitation Christ envisions is certainly not the work of one day. But just because we require more than a quick fix, that doesn’t mean we’re locked into our mistakes. “Beware of succumbing to failure as inevitable” (Oswald Chambers).

The Strong Heart Is Not Callous (February 22)

Jesus not only felt the full range of emotions that are the lot of humanity, but He felt them intensely and vividly. Genuine discipleship to the Son of Man will not turn us into unfeeling, insensitive robots. It will teach us to feel what God feels.

Reaching Forward

Daily Motivation to Move Ahead More Steadily

Wilderness (February 27)

Spiritual maturity often grows in a “wilderness” of difficulty. When tribulations test us and we’re driven out into the desert, it’s critically important that we discipline our minds. The wilderness is no place for the weak-minded or the careless.

Love Lets Us Be Free (February 26)

Love is the very antithesis of selfishness. It lifts us out of self-centered thinking and sets us free to enjoy a better focus. It gets us out of ourselves and into a connection with all those external things that we were meant to be related to.

Love Transforms Suffering (February 25)

Why not see our suffering through the eyes of love? If we have no honorable choice but to suffer, we can at least choose to suffer lovingly. From the list of possible reasons why we would submit to pain, we can select love and let that be our motive.

Mammon Is Our Major Obstacle (February 24)

Temporal concerns have a seductive, powerful pull on virtually every human being. And if we say we’ve got our this-worldly desires under control, almost any objective person could probably look at the way we spend our time and see that we don’t.

Think Twice Before You Pray for Justice (February 23)

If God chooses to be patient with those who’ve wronged us, punishing them less than they deserve, shouldn’t we be grateful for that? And besides, we may not even have been wronged. As the Lord sees things, our enemies may have a better case than we.

Learning to Be Glad When God Is Glad (February 22)

After eternity has begun, it will be too late to begin acquiring a taste for the things that make God glad. Now is the time to do that. Now is the time to make sure that what we like most of all is to rejoice at the joy of our Father.

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