Friendship as an Ingredient of Love (July 18)

Having obeyed the gospel of Christ, it is important that we see God as our Friend. God is not only lovable; He is also likeable. We may not only adore Him; we may also trust Him. It is not only our duty to worship Him; it is our privilege to spend time with Him.

The Problem of Heartless Prayer (July 17)

In the long run, that which we receive from God will turn out to be the thing we’ve most honestly and deeply wanted, not what we’ve pretended to want. God acts on the basis of what He sees when He looks into the very depths of our true will.

The Next Step Can Always Be Taken (July 18)

Some things are worth beginning, even if we can’t see how they may be finished. So what we need is not more knowledge or ability but the courage to take the step that can be taken, the one that lies right in front of us. We need the courage to get started.

Expect the Unexpected (July 17)

As long as God is our Master, we need not doubt that His next order is going to be good. It may be disruptive and inconvenient, but it is going to be good. Our next “assignment,” may be very different than what we had in mind — and it may come at any minute!

Almsgiving (July 18)

Our word “almsgiving” comes from a Greek noun meaning “pity” or “mercy”, and the giving of alms was an act much more highly regarded in ancient times than it is today. We would do well to recover some of the old attitude toward almsgiving.

Equity (July 17)

Double standards are a plague upon our society. We don’t see how often we apply a stricter standard to others than we apply to ourselves. We don’t see how often we criticize “the other side” for actions that, if we did the very same thing, would not be thought objectionable.

June 2019

To update you on my health situation, since my last report to you my radiation treatments have been completed. The early lab results have been promising, but it will be 6-12 months before anything very helpful can be known.

April 2019

During the weekend of February 15-17, I was with the brethren at the Low Country congregation in Goose Creek SC. The group at Low Country is one of the most evangelistic churches that I know, and we had a great weekend with 9 visitors from the community.

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