The Ultimate Reason to Refuse Sin (April 20)

Taking God seriously is the most effective precaution we can take. If we love God as unselfishly as we should, we’ll hold His honor more dear than our own, and that sense of honor will defend us and protect us from doing anything that would detract from His glory.

Selfish Motives Are Not Strong Enough (April 19)

We must get outside of ourselves and be drawn into concerns that are more vast and “moving” than the mere rise and fall of our own happiness. To a great extent, this is what growth toward spiritual maturity is about. It is learning to live by the strong laws of love.

On Being Glad That God Is Good (April 20)

Knowing that God is “merciful and gracious, longsuffering, and abounding in goodness and truth” should make us want to reach out to Him. He is a God for whom we can yearn with admiration and love. Oh, how nourishing it is to know that His inclination and fervent desire are to save us!

Does Your Life Look Desperate? (April 19)

If there were no such thing as God and nothing beyond the confines of this world worth reaching forward to, then desperation would be an understandable response to the condition the world is in. But there is, in fact, a God, and that should make all the difference.

Vulnerability (April 20)

A certain stage of maturity has to be reached before we are willing to accept our own vulnerability and not be afraid of it. But what a liberating experience when we reach that point! The “willingness to remain vulnerable” is one of the finest fruits of thoughtful and honest living.

Movement (April 19)

We are creatures who dream and aspire. We set goals and reach toward them. We are not content to stay put. That being true, it’s all the more strange that many of us do stay put! What we need is a more powerful appreciation of “movement.”

April 2019

During the weekend of February 15-17, I was with the brethren at the Low Country congregation in Goose Creek SC. The group at Low Country is one of the most evangelistic churches that I know, and we had a great weekend with 9 visitors from the community.

February 2019

I had my first radiation treatment this morning. These will run through the end of March, for a total of 45 treatments. I am optimistic as to the outcome. If the Lord’s purposes are accomplished, that will be a good result, whatever the specifics may be for me personally.

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