The Difficulty of Indecision (June 15)

If we are to make any worthwhile progress, we must deal with our daily decisions straightforwardly. If they seem difficult this morning, they will be more so this afternoon — and by this evening, they may have become practically impossible.

Halfheartedness (June 14)

When it comes to God, there is no safe territory between love and hatred. Halfheartedness is simply one form of hatred, and it is the most repulsive as far as God Himself is concerned. For this reason, Jesus wishes to disturb us. “I did not come to bring peace but a sword.”

Would You Go Back? (June 15)

When we remember the past, as we certainly will, our effort must be to remember it with such an attitude that we are helped in the here and now. God intends for our lives to go forward — and when we’re tempted to go backward, we need to remember Lot’s wife.

Pursuing the Knowledge of God (June 14)

How diligently do you pursue the knowledge of God? How high a priority is it to know more of the truth about God today than you knew yesterday? Honestly now, what would you sacrifice to gain an hour’s worth of time to study the Scriptures? Anything of significant value?

Family (June 15)

When a man carefully considers his ancestors, he learns some important things about himself. But when he contemplates his descendants — the family he will have fathered — he has an even better opportunity to become educated.

Government (June 14)

A human being is the most powerful force in the natural world, but in the absence of any government, a human being can do more harm than fire ever could. “Government and cooperation are in all things the laws of life; anarchy and competition the laws of death.”

June 2019

To update you on my health situation, since my last report to you my radiation treatments have been completed. The early lab results have been promising, but it will be 6-12 months before anything very helpful can be known.

April 2019

During the weekend of February 15-17, I was with the brethren at the Low Country congregation in Goose Creek SC. The group at Low Country is one of the most evangelistic churches that I know, and we had a great weekend with 9 visitors from the community.

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