The Valley of Vision

Hardship, sorrow, and penitence for sin clarify our perspective. So here is the truth we must accept and be thankful for: it is in the “valley” that our vision is able to see some things most clearly. And these truths are often the very ones we need to see the most urgently.

Candor and Courtesy

I’ll not be a good steward of the Word if, wishing to be polite and avoid painful consequences, I fail to communicate. Regarding the gospel message, then, I hope my prayer will always be the same as Paul’s: “that I may make it clear, which is how I ought to speak.”

June 2018

Even though I can no longer maintain an apartment in Meridian, Mississippi, I still want to encourage the church at Seventh Street as much as I can, and the brethren have invited me to come back and preach for them on months that have a fifth Sunday.

May 2018

I am planning a major new section in the website that will be comprised of five basic areas, each containing information useful to five distinct audiences. This will be called “Core Content” on the WordPoints website.

Fire (June 18)

We’re made in the image of a God who is perfect love, and we flourish only when we love Him rightly. If we fail to love Him rightly, we may still know some sort of love in this world. But that love will be our undoing. “Love is the fire of life; it either consumes or purifies.”

The Pursuit of Christ’s Love (June 17)

What does it mean to pursue the love of Christ? More than our pursuing Him, it means allowing ourselves to be pursued by Him. It’s the choice to accept His benevolent will, ceasing to run away from the great love that He has desired to give us for so long.

Submission, Sacrifice, and Strong Joy (June 18)

“Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, but also for the interests of others.” There is not a purer joy in the world than doing this, and there is no more freeing, liberating experience. Yielding to someone else’s dreams will break many a chain the devil has made.

On Giving Hope (June 17)

When the final tally is made, I hope that I won’t have failed to encourage anyone who needed to be encouraged. It’s a fine thing to have hope, but I believe it is an even finer thing to give hope. That, above all, is what I want to do. And I’m confident that you do too.

Subordination (June 18)

In whatever relationships we find ourselves, our goal always ought to be to give subordination a good name, rather than a bad one. Doing that requires hard work, and it requires more strength and self-discipline than many of us have right now.

Orderliness (June 17)

Just as unmaintained spaces become chaotic and uninviting, so do our lifestyles when we default on our “housekeeping” chores. It doesn’t take long for the chaos to creep in. So what about your manner of life? Is it overdue for some serious reordering?

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