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Daily Bible Reading Schedule

This is at the top of the page because it’s the most important. No matter what else we read or study, none of these things is a substitute for the daily study of the Scriptures. There are many different plans and schedules for daily Bible reading on the internet. I share this one simply because I have used it for many years. If you want to follow it also, that’s great. But if you like another plan better, by all means follow that.
The important thing is to study God’s word every day.

Daily Family Bible Studies - Year 1 - WordPoints
YEAR 1. Complete PDF of all 52 lessons. Free.
Daily Family Bible Studies - Year 2 - WordPoints
YEAR 2. Complete PDF of all 52 lessons. Free.
Daily Family Bible Studies - Year 3 - WordPoints
YEAR 3. Complete PDF of all 52 lessons. Free.
Daily Family Bible Studies - Year 4 - WordPoints
YEAR 4. Complete PDF of all 52 lessons. Free.

Core Concepts

Core Concepts

This booklet looks at nine ideas central to the gospel of Christ: sin, grace, conversion, faith, repentance, baptism, hope. obedience, and congregation. 24 pages.

Twenty Questions

20 Questions

Here are 20 questions that have to do with our salvation from sin — basic questions but ones that are often misunderstood in the religious world around us. 48 pages.

Letting the Bible Speak

Letting the Bible Speak

Dealing with “becoming a Christian and finding a faithful congregation,” the four lessons in this series keep the focus on what the Scriptures teach. 20 pages.



This five-lesson discussion guide deals with the necessity of turning away from our sins. God will forgive us, but He requires that we put these things away. 8 pages.

Christ and the Cross

Christ and the Cross

This series of five Bible study outlines focuses on the meaning and importance of Jesus’ crucifixion. What should be our response to the cross of Christ? 14 pages.

Lectures by Gary Henry


In this PDF are the manuscripts from various lectures presented by Gary Henry in lecture programs and academic environments over the years. 56 pages.

The Hope of Eternal Life

Hope of Eternal Life

Without hope, life would be unbearable. But in Christ, we’ve been saved that we might become “heirs according to the hope of eternal life” (Titus 3:7). 8 pages.

Let Your Light Shine

Let Your Light Shine

Most of us have more influence than we think. Here are five practical ways we can “let our lights shine” as we go about the activities of our daily lives. 14 pages.

WordPoints Daybook Series

We are glad to make a free PDF edition of the volumes in the WordPoints Daybook Series available to our readers. These are free to anyone who can use them. If nothing else, you can keep a copy of these PDFs on your device for quick reference.

Obeying the Gospel (PDF Edition)

If a person wanted to become a Christian, what would he actually need to do? Obeying the Gospel looks into the Scriptures to answer this crucial question, exploring both the “how” and the “why” of becoming a Christian.

384 pages. ISBN-13: 978–1‑936357–75‑8. PDF Edition.


Diligently Seeking God (PDF Edition)

Based on the idea in Hebrews 11:6, Diligently Seeking God urges the reader to be passionate, careful, and persistent in seeking God. We must not be content until we have the relationship with God we were created to enjoy.

384 pages. ISBN-13: 978–1‑936357–73‑4. PDF Edition.


Reaching Forward (PDF Edition)

In Philippians 3:13, Paul encouraged Christians to leave the past behind and reach forward to what is ahead in Christ. This book recommends the advantages of a forward-oriented faith: the gospel of Christ is about heaven!

384 pages. ISBN-13: 978–1‑936357–74‑1. PDF Edition.


Enthusiastic Ideas (PDF Edition)

What are the time-tested ideas that our character should be based on? “Enthusiastic Ideas” provides a short essay on a positive word for each day of the year, a word suggesting some principle or value deserving a place in our hearts.

385 pages. ISBN-13: 978–1‑936357–71‑0. PDF Edition.


More Enthusiastic Ideas (PDF Edition)

Giving readers a second year of positive words, “More Enthusiastic Ideas” reinforces the idea that we can choose our principles. Better things happen in our lives when we choose better ideas to guide our decisions.

385 pages. ISBN-13: 978–1‑936357–72‑7. PDF Edition.


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