Bulk Discount on WordPoints Books

We are glad to make our books are available at a bulk discount price of $10.95 per copy (plus shipping). The quantity must be 18 copies or more, but you can mix and match titles if you wish.

    • Book 1 - Enthusiastic Ideas
    • Book 2 - More Enthusiastic Ideas
    • Book 3 - Diligently Seeking God
    • Book 4 - Reaching Forward
    • Book 5 - Obeying the Gospel

Email [email protected] to place a bulk order, indicating which title(s) you want, the quantity, and the address you want the books shipped to. We'll figure the shipping cost and mail you an invoice for the total amount. After the books arrive, you can pay the invoice by sending a check to Gary Henry, 1310 Snake Foot Drive, Apt 104, Louisville KY 40243. (Let us know if any of the books were defective or damaged in shipping, so we can replace them for you.)

Note: this bulk discount is for congregations, study groups, and individuals who wish to give copies of these books away. If you buy at this discount, you are not allowed to resell the books.

Gary Henry - WordPoints
  • The Body of Christ (May 17)
    The Body of Christ (May 17)
    After having refused His rule, the saved are those who have returned to their rightful King, sought His forgiveness, and sworn allegiance to Him from now on. Christ is truly their head -- not just legally or theoretically, but in the way they live.

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