Diligently Seeking God

Being Wise Is Not What It’s About (September 20)

Some things are not revealed to us, but what God has revealed to us is the truth about His character, His heart, and His values. He patiently waits for us to become more interested in these things and less interested in what the future may hold for us in this life.

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First Love (September 19)

If we don’t love God as we used to, there are specific things we can do to rectify that problem. One of these would be to take some time off, go to a restful place, and remember — really remember — how we used to love Him.

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At All Costs (September 18)

There are few things in the world that might not jeopardize our souls under certain circumstances. But whatever threatens to cut us off from God, we should let go of that thing immediately. If the house is burning, leave your stuff and get out of there!

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When We Lose What We Were Made For (September 17)

Because of our own choices, those whom we need to be connected to, especially God, have turned their backs to us — and not without justification. We are not only alone; we are alone because we’ve been abandoned . . . because of our own misdeeds.

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Spiritual ‘Reality’ (September 16)

If God exists, we need to take Him with utter seriousness. We must not relegate spiritual truths to a secondary status. To be people of faith does not mean we’re making things up. It means we’re committed to the massive continents of truth that lie beyond our present horizons.

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Music to Our Ears (September 15)

To those whose hearts are turned toward God today, there are no more joyous sounds than those that emanate from His throne: the sounds of victory, of worship, and of freedom! Do we have ears to hear? Do our hearts resonate to the sounds of God’s joy?

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