Reaching Forward

Truth for the Time to Come (August 18)

Spiritual strength requires a vivid remembrance — and that means most of us have a problem, because our “rememberers” don’t work very well. But God understands, and that’s why we have such an emphasis in the Scriptures on reminders.

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When We Think All Is Lost (August 17)

Hopelessness is a problem of perspective. It comes from not seeing the larger reality that always surrounds the small set of circumstances in which we may lose something. There is always a larger battle going on that may be won.

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Above and Beyond (August 15)

If we humbly respond to God in the obedience of faith, we can rest assured that the answer to our prayers will never be anything less than good. And very often, the answer will go beyond the good to the better . . . and even to the best.

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Alone with God (August 14)

Much of Jesus’ praying was alone. Yes, it’s true that public prayer is permitted, and we have plenty of examples of Christians praying together in Acts. But let us not fail to heed Jesus’ emphasis on private prayer. That is where our greatest growth comes from.

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The Pain Is a Part of the Happiness (August 13)

If we want to think rightly, how should we think, for instance, about the pain of losing a love? “Those who sow in tears shall reap in joy” is part of the truth, but think about this: our tears aren’t just followed by joy — they are a part of the joy.

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