“Through every rift of discovery some seeming anomaly drops out of the darkness, and falls, a golden link into the great chain of order” (Edwin Hubbell Chapin).

DISCOVERIES CAN BE DISAPPOINTING SOMETIMES, BUT MORE OFTEN THEY’RE DELIGHTFUL. Rather than resist or run away from them, we ought to welcome discoveries, even when they require us to make adjustments in the way we think and live. Every true and genuine discovery is always the revelation of a bit more of the “great chain of order.” Having discovered some new truth, we’re in a better position to see how wonderfully every truth is linked to all the others.

I always enjoy coming to know people who live with the expectancy of delightful discovery. Such people seem to arise every day anticipating that they’re going to discover something, and when I interact with them, they whet my own appetite for learning. Someone has said that “the world is brimming with happy thoughts just waiting to be discovered.” I believe that’s a realistic way to look at life, and it’s a viewpoint that most of us would profit from if we made it our own.

J. Robert Oppenheimer made this comment: “Discovery follows discovery, each both raising and answering questions, each ending a long search, and each providing the new instruments for a new search.” None of us are completely ignorant, and none of us are completely knowledgeable; we are somewhere on a path between the two. Discoveries move us forward on the path. They show us things we didn’t know, but they also point us toward things yet to be learned.

It seems obvious, but it still needs to be pointed out that we won’t make discoveries if we don’t have courage. If we’re not willing to leave the safety of our present understanding, we won’t enjoy the thrill of seeing new vistas and new horizons. Fearful folks don’t forge ahead.

But discovery also takes faith. To be discoverers, we have to be willing to “see” some things before they can be seen! On some days, no new discovery will be “in sight,” and it’s on those days that we must keep our confidence up. Good things are waiting for those who form their hunches carefully and then follow their hunches intently.

“They are ill discoverers that think there is no land, when they see nothing but sea” (Francis Bacon).

Gary Henry — WordPoints.com + AreYouaChristian.com

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