Diligently Seeking God

Letting the Lord Decide (June 25)

If our reverence for God is real, we’ll show that reverence by yielding to His will in every instance, whether what happens next seems to be joyful or not. When faced with choices between good, better, and best, sincere seekers make these choices by deferring to God.

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Unconditional Reverence (June 24)

It is more blessed to give than to receive. Even with God, we should derive more joy from giving than from getting. And even when we are giving, it should not merely be because that is the way to “get” more blessedness. God was not created for us; we were created for Him.

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The Desperate Desire for Deliverance (June 23)

The gospel means little to so many because so few have passed through any dark night of the soul that would enable them to appreciate the light. So few love God because so few have any depth of gratitude for forgiveness, never having desperately desired deliverance.

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Ordeals Make Some Things Obvious (June 22)

When we face difficulty, we find out what we are really made of. In times of ease, we think we know ourselves and we say what we believe in words that sound right to our own ears, but “only after an ordeal of painful self-probing are we likely to discover what we actually believe about God.”

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The Poverty of Our Faith (June 21)

We don’t have the spiritual vision to see any more than the smallest fraction of God’s power, and so we see very little of what could be ours if we truly sought Him. This failure of vision should be on our minds when we pray. The “eyes” of our understanding need to be enlightened.

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Only the Loving Heart Truly Worships (June 20)

God not only loves us; He desires to be loved by us. What He seeks from us is perhaps best described by an old word that we don’t hear much anymore: adoration. Our praise grows toward perfection when the King before whom we bow is also the Father whom we love.

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