Diligently Seeking God

Doing What We Can Do (March 26)

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” Applying that advice to our spiritual lives, we can learn to grasp the simple, doable things that lie right before us and resourcefully squeeze the maximum good out of each moment. We grow toward God by just such steps.

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Learning to Love Our Father’s Desires (March 25)

Loving our Father’s desires does not come naturally. We have to learn this kind of love. The much easier thing is to love what we want for ourselves, and then love what God wants for us only insofar as it coincides with our predetermined wishes.

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Are We Looking for Automatic Obedience? (March 24)

Obedience can’t be put on autopilot. It will always require moment-by-moment choices. Even those who live a long time and make much spiritual progress face this reality: there is never anything more than a decision standing between us and disobedience.

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More Than Mere Insurance (March 23)

Christ went to the Cross to make possible more than mere insurance against the catastrophic loss of our souls in hell. He sacrificed Himself to save us from sin, both its guilt and its power. Our deliverance from sin will culminate in heaven, but the process begins right now!

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Repenting Before We Sin (March 22)

Godly sorrow for sins committed is great. But for all those who have enough character to feel sorry for what they’ve done after the fact, there are far fewer who have the character to feel sorry in advance and “repent” of the deed before it has a chance to take place.

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The Danger of Undiscovered Sin (March 21)

Deep within our hearts lie two desires. One is for other people to think about us as we wish them to think, and the other is to think about ourselves as we wish to think. We tend to deceive ourselves about ourselves. We all have “secret faults” that are “hidden” from our own sight.

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