Obeying the Gospel

If the gospel is true, what does it call upon us to DO? Letting the Scriptures be our guide, what does it mean to OBEY the gospel?

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Is faith alone sufficient for our salvation?

In Course No. 1, we looked at the “why” of becoming a Christian . . . now let’s talk about the “how.” There are some misconceptions and false doctrines we need to clear away first, but more than that, what are the things we will be positively eager to do as we seek the Lord’s gift of salvation and listen to His commands in the New Testament?

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Obeying the Gospel

If what Christ taught is, in fact, the truth, what should we do about it? How must we respond to the good news of the gospel, both initially and on a continuing basis? These lessons will help you see what the Scriptures teach on the often-neglected topic of obedience.
Discover the importance of honesty and courage as prerequisites for obedience to the gospel.
Investigate what the New Testament teaches about godly sorrow and the penitent heart.
Consider Jesus’ teaching about “counting the cost” of discipleship to Him.
See the conditions required for our salvation in the New Testament. Make a serious study of belief, repentance, confession, and baptism.
Learn the meaning of “keeping the faith” and “sharing the faith” as lifelong commitments.

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