Believing the Gospel

The gospel of Jesus Christ promises forgiveness and eternal life. But is it TRUE? Are there solid REASONS to believe in Christ?

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What is the evidence that supports faith in Christ?

Learn about the “why” of becoming a Christian. What are the foundations of the belief that Jesus is the Christ, the Savior of the world? Is there any real validity to the gospel? If Jesus claimed that He was the Answer to our need to be saved from our sins, is that really true? Join us for this study of what the gospel is and why we should believe that it’s true.

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Believing the Gospel

Is the message of Jesus Christ true? In this course, you will explore the important subject of faith: how we can know that the gospel is trustworthy and what it means to “believe” in Jesus Christ? You will discover the difference between real trust and blind faith.
Learn from the New Testament what exactly the message is that must be believed.
Grasp the definition of faith. Learn to distinguish between what faith is and what it is not.
Confront the credibility of the gospel. Be impressed by the evidence on which faith rests.
Delve into the question of faith and free will. Is faith given by God to some and not to others?
Tackle the hard issues. Living in a pluralistic world, for example, can we really believe that Jesus is the only way to salvation?

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