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Greetings in the Lord. I pray that as the spring of the year arrives, your work in the Lord is prospering.

On April 2, I will be speaking in Dothan, Alabama, and staying with my longtime friends, Bill and Kaye Wilcox. Then I will be in gospel meetings in Helena, Alabama (April 16–19) and at Rice Road, in Tyler, Texas (April 23–28). I will close out the month preaching in Meridian, Mississippi on April 30.

On March 25, while participating in a book-signing event for local writers in Frankfort KY, I made a couple of contacts that may prove to be good study contacts. One, an elderly gentleman who has taught NT Greek at the seminary level, is very restorationist in his thinking, and there will be much in common for us to discuss. I look forward to meeting with him as soon as it can be arranged.

Over the past month, there has been a noticeable increase in new signups for the Daily Family Bible Studies which are available on my website. These studies go out by email each Saturday for the following week. Each contains a theme article plus a series of five studies that can be used Monday-Friday by families as a framework for talking with their children about spiritual matters. At present, there are 625 subscribers who receive these studies each week. I’m not sure how to account for the increase in new signups (someone may have publicized this project on their Facebook page), but I am grateful for the increase. By the end of this year, I hope to have two full years of these studies done — and all four years of the studies done by the end of next year.

One user of the Daily Family Bible Studies is Susan Scott of Petal, Mississippi. She wrote last month to say, “Your work encourages me and motivates me, and it has deepened my joy and eased my sorrows. Your approach feels more ‘real’ than many of the Christian study aids I have seen and used through the years — it is so much more relatable than most of what’s out there. It manages to be human, ‘heart-pricking’, and aspirational all at the same time. I pray you have many more fruitful years in service to the Lord.” Thank you, Susan.

In addition to the Daily Family Bible Studies, I also offer several other emails that people can subscribe to on In all, there are 4,274 subscribers to these emails worldwide. These posts appear first on my website, then they are sent out by email to those who subscribe. In addition, these are posted to my Facebook page for WordPoints. At present 6,134 people follow this page. In March, my daily posts on biblical subjects were served to 8,060 people on Facebook. My website alone, without any extension by social media, had 16,250 page views in March. Years ago, without the Internet, this kind of “reach” for biblical teaching material would have been impossible. It seems foolish not to leverage the immense power of the new media in the Lord’s work.

Each month for the next 2–3 years, I will be continuing to work on the new book, Obeying the Gospel. I was able to write a few pages this past month. If I can complete it, this project will be the most useful evangelistic tool I have ever worked on. I plan to use it extensively in my own life, and I hope others will be able to use it also.

Thanks for your continued support each month. I am grateful for the work the Lord allows me to be a part of.

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