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I appreciate the opportunity to communicate with you again and let you know how much I appreciate your support of the work I am involved in. As the summer winds down, I pray for a productive fall, both for you and for me.

I continue to press ahead with the writing of Walking in Christ, the sixth volume in the WordPoints Daybook Series. Following Obeying the Gospel, which was about becoming a Christian, Walking in Christ will discuss what life in Christ is like after we begin following Him. As I have frequently said, Obeying the Gospel is about our initial response to the gospel, and Walking in Christ is about our ongoing response. It was a thrilling experience to write Obeying the Gospel, and Walking in Christ has been thrilling for many of the same reasons.

As I have been saying in the last couple of reports, I want to try to convey to you, in a more specific way, why I’m so thankful to you for your financial support. To set the stage, let me tell you about two recent events:

  1. A few months ago, a very kind and thoughtful reader (previously unknown to me) sent me this note: “Mr. Henry, after years of reading your emails and books, I want to let you know how much your writings have blessed me. I have a child with severe mental illness, and it causes my family much pain, but every morning your writings give me hope and strength. I pray God blesses you, so you can keep blessing others.”
  2. Just the other day, one of my doctors told me about a conversation he had after my appointment with him six months ago. On that particular day, he had an intern with him (a young man whom I had never met before). After I was gone, this intern confided that he knew my work well, and that several years ago when he was in a very dark place emotionally, the books had been a tremendous help to him. When the intern said he had been too embarrassed to tell me, my doctor said, “I’ll tell him the next time I see him.”

The truth is, this kind of feedback is pretty rare for obscure writers like me. (I told a publicist one time that I didn’t want any publicity, and she said, “You are weird.”) When I write books and Amazon sends them who-knows-where, I do so in the faith that God will get them into the hands of those who need them, but for the most part, this audience is invisible to me. And the other side of the story is this: this “invisible audience” will never get to meet my “invisible supporters,” the people without whose support they would never have gotten the help they received from these books. So I sit here in the “middle” of this process, wishing that my supporters could meet my readers, and my readers, my supporters. And this unique situation is why I love you so. Although most of those who profit from this work are people neither you nor I will ever meet, you are still willing to give me a chance to influence them.

On a different note, I want to mention that I am uploading the daily audio recordings of Obeying the Gospel to Vimeo. The address is This means that these recordings can now be heard on YouTube, SoundCloud, and Vimeo — and the text of the readings is also on all three of these platforms.

Thanks again for your generosity in helping me do this work. Being associated with you is a blessing to me.

Gary Henry — +


Pray with me that I will be given the ability to finish these works
  • Walking in Christ — Book 6 in the WordPoints Daybook Series. Target: November 2025.
  • Going Home — Book 7 in the WordPoints Daybook Series. Target: November 2028.
  • Seeking God in the Psalms — a 52-lesson study — theme for each week, studies for Monday-Friday.
  • Ecclesiastes — a full-scale commentary on the text of Ecclesiastes.
  • Encountering Christ — what the Scriptures teach about Jesus Christ . . . and why we should believe it.

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