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I hope that the fall season has begun well for each of you. I always look forward joyfully to this time of the year.

Obeying the Gospel was set up last week with IngramSpark (the print-on-demand service which I use), and it is now available for pre-order on The publication date is November 24, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, so if Amazon is able to deliver books on anything close to their normal schedule, pre-order buyers should have the book in hand by Thanksgiving or shortly thereafter. Even with the delays due to COVID, I hope that readers can receive their books before the beginning of the new year.

Needless to say, I am relieved that the book is now out of my hands and available to be ordered by readers. It has been a long road getting to this point. But now, even if anything untoward should happen to me, the book can still move forward and do whatever good the Lord wills for it to do.

I will be using the book extensively as an evangelistic tool, but I also have some very evangelistic friends who are ready to “field test” this book. I am eager for them to put it to good use and share the results with me. If our work is “sowing the seed” as plentifully as possible (as I believe it is), here is a tool that can help us to do that. Obviously, there are many other good evangelistic tools out there, and in writing Obeying the Gospel, I have certainly not intended for there to be any competition between this work and the other good resources that are available. The more tools we have, the more seed can be sown. But having worked for several years on this resource, I am eager to see where the Lord sends it and what His purposes will be in regard to its effectiveness in reaching the lost.

Now that the book is finished, I will be busy between now and November getting ready. With a huge amount of content yet to be written, it is going to press me to the limit to get it done, especially with the current limitations on the length of my workday due to my health problems. But big projects get done, as we all know, one small piece at a time — so I will do whatever I can each day and hope that all of the pieces will add up.

When launches, there will also be a number of upgrades to the website. In fact, AreYouaChristian will be a special sub-section of the WordPoints website. Together, these two collections of content will be the repository for a massive amount of biblical study material on the internet, all searchable and discoverable by people looking for information on relevant topics in their religious studies.

Lord willing, those of you who support me financially will be receiving a special packet in the mail in early November containing several pieces of literature about these evangelistic tools. There will also be a couple of complimentary copies of Obeying the Gospel in the packet for you, as a small token of my appreciation for the support by which you have made this work possible. Your support, your prayers, and your many expressions of encouragement during the last several years while Obeying the Gospel was being written have touched my heart deeply, and I know that those who will be using these resources appreciate the sacrifices you have made to keep the work going. In fact, several have told me that they regularly thank God for you who support me, saying your individual names before God’s throne.

So . . . there’s still work to do before year’s end, but we’ve come a long way in this together. Thank you so very much!

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