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Let Your Light Shine: Ways We Can Influence Others. Five-lesson sermon series by Gary Henry. Suitable for individual study or small-group discussion.

“Influence” is something we all have more of than we realize, yet we often don’t see our opportunities. What are some down-to-earth, practical ways we can let our light shine as Christians?

  1. By Being Thankful
  2. By Caring and Sharing
  3. By Being Honest
  4. By Being a Peacemaker
  5. By Overcoming Temptation

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Let Your Light ShineThese lessons were originally based on a Vacation Bible School theme, and some might think the topics are too simple and childlike for adults. But I have found that teaching that is good for children is almost always helpful to those of us who are older. We just need to take these simple ideas and look into them a little more carefully than we did when we were children.

Certainly the subject of our “influence” is an important topic. As regards the life a disciple is supposed to live in this world, there could hardly be a more profound song than “This Little Light of Mine.”

Too often we think that we, as ordinary people, don’t have much influence in the world. When it comes to influence, most of us don’t see ourselves as having much opportunity (much less ability or responsibility. But as these lessons illustrate, there are plenty of simple ways that all of us can influence others for good.

Rather than hiding in fear or insecurity, we need to “be who we are” courageously, and act in the faith that it does good to do good. Here’s hoping we all may make a more deliberate effort to “let our light shine.”

Gary Henry – WordPoints.com

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