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Enthusiastic Ideas (Book 1) gives the reader a short, thought-provoking meditation for each day of the year — a good word for every day!

Each essay explores a single word, ranging from obviously positive words like ‘courage’ and ‘creativity’ to more surprising ones like ‘serenity’ and ‘solitude.’

The essays by Gary Henry are framed on top and bottom by quotations from other writers, ancient and modern.

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Enthusiastic Ideas (A Good Word for Each Day of the Year) is Book 1 in the WordPoints Daybook Series by Gary Henry. Like Book 2, this volume presents a word each day for positive meditation. Each essay is framed by quotations from other sources, both ancient and modern, combining the best of classic and contemporary literature for daily reflection.

Words are powerful! They can enlighten, encourage, and uplift us when we ponder the application their meanings can have to our daily decisions. The two volumes of Enthusiastic Ideas explore everyday words in a way that is both deep and comfortable. The result is a blend of pleasant reading, intellectual stimulation, and serious motivation to change.

Enthusiastic Ideas and More Enthusiastic Ideas are written in the familiar style of Gary Henry. With his blend of candor and courtesy, Gary leads the reader on a daily journey toward significant personal growth. Refreshing but also challenging, these pages inspire the courage to take steps toward a better future. They are based on a lifetime of experience by the author in speaking to audiences about improvement and progress.

The goal of these writings is not only better feelings, but better character and conduct. With a wide variety of topics — 366 in all — the reader is encouraged to grow in the time-tested qualities virtuous character, so that his or her habits are based on firm principles rather than passing trends.

Each book in the WordPoints Daybook Series contains “daily affirmations of hope and courage.” Standing in the centuries-old tradition of the “daybook,” these books contain a single reading for each day of the year. The idea is to use each day’s reading as the starting point for a brief, but profitable, meditation. The readings are short enough to be read by busy people (as most of us are these days), but they are ‘provocative’ and ‘suggestive’ in the highest sense. Highly concentrated, each meditation provides the foundation for deeper consideration throughout the day.

Enthusiastic Ideas will get you going. Start each day with a powerful word!

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