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The Cult of Self-Flagellation (February 26)

As we acknowledge our failures and our sorrows, various forms of self-righteousness can creep into our thinking. Secretly, we may come to look upon those whose lives appear more trouble-free as being somehow less spiritually mature than we are.

Love Lets Us Be Free (February 26)

Love is the very antithesis of selfishness. It lifts us out of the bog of self-centered thinking and sets us free to enjoy a new and better focus. It gets us out of ourselves and into a connection with all those things external to ourselves that we were meant to be related to.

Serenity (February 26)

The world is an peaceful place. Anb if there is nothing more to help us than science and self-improvement, then there can be none of the peace we so deeply desire. "All men who live with any degree of serenity live by some assurance of grace" (Reinhold Niebuhr).

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Major Milestone for

I'd like to share a bit of good news here on the first day of 2017. We were notified by FeedSpot last week that has been chosen for their list of the "Top 30 Devotional Blogs and Websites For Christians."

The Christ of the Cross

We do not think about the death of Christ as much as we should -- or emphasize it adequately in our preaching. But truly, the cross is the heart of the gospel. The gospel of Christ is nothing less than the "word of the cross" (1 Cor. 1:17,18).