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As most of you know by now, I have been in the process of moving to Louisville KY. It has been a prolonged, arduous process, but two weeks ago, the move was completed, and my new mailing address is PO Box 436018, Louisville KY 40253. If you need to know the physical address at which I reside, I will be happy to supply that to you.

I have placed membership with the Douglass Hills congregation in Louisville and have very much enjoyed getting reacquainted with this group. I live in an apartment right across the street from the church building, so for the first time in many years I am able to walk to church. And it has been very pleasant to be reminded how much I love the city of Louisville. I live in Middletown, a suburb on the east side of Louisville, and it is a place I loved many years ago and am learning to love again. Lots of history, beautiful terrain, good pizza, and good barbecue. I’m loving it!

My new apartment is the smallest space I have lived in since college days — only 800 square feet. So to live in this apartment, I have had to get rid of many things. The word “downsize” is hardly adequate to describe what I’ve had to do. But as hard as it has been so say goodbye to so many things that have long been a part of my life, it has been a good project to carry out. The hardest part, of course, has been cutting my library down to half-size (and I’m still cutting), but even that has proven to be a healthy exercise. All in all, I am happy to have less “house” to keep and a much more streamlined workflow and office operation. From here on out, I will be traveling light. It feels good.

By far, the best part of my move has been becoming a part of the congregation at Douglass Hills once again. The five men who serve as elders of the congregation have been simply amazing in the way they’ve helped me adjust to my new environment, and the congregation as a whole has been gracious, encouraging, and welcoming. Paul Earnhart, Mark McCrary, and Tristan Ganchero, the three evangelists who work with the group, have been a rich source of encouragement. Already, I have leaned on them for advice and counsel, and I will continue to do that regularly.

The past two years in my life have been tumultuous, as you know. Physically, emotionally, and spiritually, I have struggled. But by the grace of a Father who has been willing to forgive me and let me start over, I have been blessed with the most wonderful “new beginning” imaginable. This next “New Year’s Day” will be a very special one for me.

As for my work, I plan to continue doing what I have been doing. The only difference will be that I have a new “home base.” I will preach and teach, to whatever extent the Lord gives me opportunity, but my emphasis now will be even more on my writing than in the past. I am in the early stages of writing “Obeying the Gospel” (Book 5 in the WordPoints Daybook Series), and I hope to be able to complete that book in two or three years, Lord willing.

Certainly, I solicit your prayers. As I settle in to my new home, adjust to my new work, and learn the joy of a new walk with God, I need your prayers and petitions more than ever. So when you pray, would you mention my name to the Father now and then? I am excited at age 67 (nearly 68) to be starting over, but I know that I must take each day one at a time, being constantly committed and vigilant. I have never been more determined to finish the race faithfully and accomplish the work that remains for me to do in the Lord, but I cannot do it without your prayers. So I hope you’ll pray that He will strengthen me and supply the sufficiency to do His will (2 Corinthians 3:5).

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