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I love the springtime and the hope it brings, so I want to share with you this spring one of the most hopeful things I am doing right now. I am planning a major new section in the website that will be comprised of five basic areas, each containing information useful to five distinct audiences. This will be called Core Content on the WordPoints website. Each area will contain many articles and blog posts, helpful study resources, and most important, two 10-lesson email courses (autoresponders) in each area that interested readers can sign up for.

People are looking for specific content on specific topics, so success on the web depends on providing information for distinct audiences. So here are my five areas of Core Content, each intended for the needs of a unique group.

  1. Encountering Jesus Christ. This material will invite people into a serious investigation of Jesus in the Scriptures. Is Jesus Christ our hope? If so, what then? The audience here will be those who have no connection at all to Christianity, and perhaps do not even believe there is a God, but they are curious enough to take a look.
  2. Are You a Christian? (Are You Sure?). The audience here will be those who see themselves as Christians, and perhaps are very devout, but their understanding of the gospel is at odds with what the Scriptures teach. The challenge here will be to get readers to ask whether they are, in fact, following Christ faithfully.
  3. Christian Daily Devotion. For those who are followers of Christ there is a great need for daily encouragement and edification. So in this section, we will be looking at discipleship and spiritual growth, both the how and the why. This content will be about “perfecting holiness in the fear of God.”
  4. Bible Study Intro. This section will be devoted to improving the quality of our Bible study. It will seek to motivate readers to study the Bible more, but it will also equip them with resources and methods for better Bible study. Especially, it will help readers to see the reliability and trustworthiness of the Bible itself.
  5. Churches in the New Testament. Here the focus will be on the church, the “collective” aspect of life in Christ. It will help readers see the importance of the local church, and in the midst of controversy it will raise the important question of what Christ’s will is for the work and worship of His people together.

This Core Content is, for me, one of the most exciting things I’ve been involved with since I started trying to use the written word in teaching the gospel. It will take years to complete this project, but if the Lord allows me to finish it, I believe it will be a powerful tool not only to reach the lost, but also to enlighten and encourage those who are already members of the Lord’s body. And what makes me the happiest is that it will be a tool other people can use — no matter where they live — in their own efforts to reach the lost and grow in their faith.

As always, I am aware that I would not have the privilege of doing this work if it weren’t for the financial support of my brothers and sisters. I simply don’t have the words to express how grateful I am that you are willing to support my work with the written word. If it does any good, you deserve the credit for making it possible.

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