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In this report, I want to tell you more about something I mentioned briefly last month: the upcoming special section of that will be called Are You A Christian?. I used to have a very minimal version of this on my website but never did develop it fully. Now I am preparing to launch it (sometime later this year) in a much more extensive format, and I hope it will be a useful evangelistic tool.

Are You a Christian? will be a suite of evangelistic resources on my website that people can go to and learn how (and why) to become a Christian. This section of will have its own domain name ( and I will provide 4x6 printed postcards that can be given to people to direct them to this resource.

This website will have a specific audience in mind: sincere “denominational” Christians. Are You A Christian? will be targeted toward those who already think of themselves as being Christians, but who need to consider what the Scriptures teach about whether they really are Christians or not. (Next year, I hope to prepare a similar resource — called — for those who do not see themselves as being Christians at all.) As with all my writing, my primary purpose is to create a tool that I myself can use in my own evangelistic efforts. If others can use it also, that will be an extra benefit.

Here is what Are You a Christian? will offer:

  1. Two free email courses (“autoresponders”) that people can sign up for: (1) “Making Sure of Our Salvation,” and (2) “How Important is Obedience?” I haven’t yet decided on the final numbers, but each course will probably contain 8–10 lessons, with a welcome email and then a follow-up email after the last lesson. Readers will probably receive the lessons at the rate of one each 3–4 days until the course is finished.
  2. A series of twenty blog posts (called “Twenty Questions”), all of which ask how one becomes a Christian in a different biblical way. Some of these are “What Must We Do to Be Saved?”, “What Is the Righteousness of Faith?”, “and How Does One Accept God’s Grace?”
  3. Blog articles and links to other resources on that relate to becoming a Christian.
  4. Contact information where readers can call, text, or email me with their questions — and to get whatever help I can give them in finding someone to study with in their locality.

Obviously, I will be able to take much of the work I am doing on the book Obeying the Gospel and use it in this section of At this point in my life, I am trying in almost all of my projects to do things that can be leveraged, repurposed, and deployed in more than one channel. I am trying to do more than one thing at a time!

Are You a Christian? will launch later this year, Lord willing. I will be updating you as we get closer. In the meantime, thanks for your support which helps make this kind of work possible, and please remember this particular work in your prayers. I greatly desire it to be something the Lord will use to draw people into a study of His word.

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