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It is a rainy morning here in Louisville, Kentucky on this first day of June. June has always been one my favorite months in the cycle of the seasons, and with your help, I especially look forward to this June in the Lord’s work.

Blog. Lord willing, I will next week start writing more regularly for the blog on my website at Having decided that I can’t commit to bringing back Brass Tacks as a monthly paper (as I had hoped), I plan to post some of the articles on my blog that I would have been writing for Brass Tacks. I hope to write at least one article a week, but since I will not be bound to the deadline of a monthly publication, there will not be as much time-pressure on me. I hope to be writing in several categories: Encountering Jesus Christ, Are You a Christian?, Christian Daily Devotion, Bible Study Introduction, and Studies on the New Testament Church.

If you are not currently a subscriber to the blog, you can sign up at and receive each new post by email. (Note: this blog has its own, separate email list.)

Sermons on website. Years ago when I first began my website, I posted over 350 of my sermon outlines on the site. These proved to be extremely popular, and I regularly received emails from people (and not just preachers) who said they were using the outlines in various ways. My outlines have always included more material than can be presented in a sermon orally presented, so these outlines were good study resources on the various topics covered.

But over the years it became apparent that many of these outlines needed to be updated, since some of them were produced in the earliest years of my preaching. So my plan for quite a while now has been to go back through these outlines and edit them. I am now in a position to begin doing this work, and this month I plan to start putting these outlines back on my website in their revised form. If all goes well, I will post two outlines per week until the entire collection is finished (three or four years). Along with the older outlines, there will be many newer studies.

Work in Meridian, Mississippi. I was recently in Meridian, Mississippi for a visit with the brethren there and enjoyed reconnecting with them. One of the most grievous aspects of last year was the necessity of closing out my apartment in Meridian, so that I cannot visit there as often as I used to. But I am still interested in encouraging the church at Seventh Street as much as I can, and the brethren have invited me to come back and preach for them on months that have a fifth Sunday. So I will be there on July 29, and also I will be there this month on June 24 following the close of a gospel meeting in Birmingham, Alabama. Having spent my boyhood days there, I am deeply indebted to the folks at Seventh Street for their encouragement of my young faith as a child. They are at a discouraging point in the history of their congregation, and I want to do all I can to encourage them to keep on keeping on.

Thanks for your continued support of my work in the Lord’s kingdom. I am glad to have the various opportunities that lie before me — and thankful you are willing to support this work. The circumstances of my life are different than most, and I believe the Lord has provided a unique set of opportunities for me to serve. For this I give thanks each day. But I could not do this unique work if it were not for your financial support. So thank you very much. With your help, things are getting done that influence the lives of many people in many places.

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