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Summer has officially arrived, and I send my heartfelt greetings to you here at this mid-point of the year.

I am scheduled to preach again at Clarksville, Indiana this Sunday, and I want to say a word about that. A year and a half ago, the congregation there began looking for a preacher to replace the man who had been working with them. During that time, I’ve been helping them out while they are looking for a preacher. With the demands of my other work (and also my health issues), it is not possible for me to do the work of a regular local preacher, so I have not been a candidate for the job at Clarksville. I’ve just been filling in one or two Sundays a month to help them while they are looking. But I do care very much about the work these brethren are wanting to do, and I’ve been trying to help them find a man that would be suitable. They are a small group, but they have elders and are self-supporting. I have known them for many years and have held meetings for them in the past. I would love for them to find somebody — despite the fact that it would knock me out of preaching for them on the first Sunday of every month! If you know of anybody who might be interested, put them in touch with Steve Nale, who is one of the elders. His phone number is (502) 727‑7559 and his email is [email protected].

Do you have the WordPoints app on your cell phone or tablet? If not, you ought to try it. I began making this available a number of years ago when things were just beginning to transition from traditional websites to mobile apps, but as mobile devices have become the go-to choice for people to get their content, this app has become more and more valuable. The developers who built this app and maintain it for me are very good, and I have had a wonderful relationship with them over the years. But although they get right on top of things when I report an issue to them, sometimes I don’t know until a reader notifies me that there is a problem. So if you use the app and notice a glitch in the way it is working, please report that to me as quickly as you can. Don’t assume somebody else has reported it — let me know promptly, so we can get it fixed. And if you haven’t tried the app, please do. It makes it very easy to get the posts from all the categories on WordPoints, including the ones that have audio recordings of the daily readings. It’s available in both app stores, Apple and Google. Just search on “WordPoints.” The app is free.

I know I thank you each month in this report for the fact that you contribute to my financial support, but I hope you know this is more than mere words. The work that I do is unusual, as are the circumstances in which the work must be done, so it means all the more when I meditate on each of you and your decision to help me. Some days the health issues that assail me are so discouraging, I don’t know how I can possibly finish the work that I hope to complete. But I’m determined to keep fighting, and I want you to know how much your support strengthens my resolve. I expect there have never been many preachers who were as indebted to their supporters as I am to you. I believe in the work the Lord is helping me to do; if I didn’t believe it was doing good, the easy thing would be to quit doing it. But I believe that people are being influenced, and the fact that you also have that confidence is a great comfort to me, especially on the weary days when the “finish line” seems a terribly long way off. So thank you for the sacrifices you make to enable the work we — you and I — are doing together. May God be glorified and His people edified.

Gary Henry — +


Pray with me that I will be given the ability to finish these works
  • Walking in Christ — Book 6 in the WordPoints Daybook Series. Target: November 2025.
  • Going Home — Book 7 in the WordPoints Daybook Series. Target: November 2028.
  • Seeking God in the Psalms — a 52-lesson study — theme for each week, studies for Monday-Friday.
  • Ecclesiastes — a full-scale commentary on the text of Ecclesiastes.
  • Encountering Christ — what the Scriptures teach about Jesus Christ . . . and why we should believe it.

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