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I’d like to update you on the progress I’m making on the new book, Obeying the Gospel. This is not the only work I’m doing right now, but in my own mind it is the most important. I hope that you, as supporters of my work, will be excited about this writing as it progresses.

As “daybooks” (one page for each day of the year), the books that I have written each have 366 readings. The new book, Obeying the Gospel, will be in the the same format. It will develop the theme of obedience to the gospel using short, stand-alone readings that will engage the reader’s attention in bite-size segments, throughout the year.

I am frequently asked by those who know the subject I am writing on how this particular topic can be the focus of a “devotional” book. Here is my response.

(1) For me. Like all of my books, Obeying the Gospel will be primarily for my own use, and in it I will be saying the things I need to hear. Already, it has done me much good to ponder the wonders of God’s scheme of redemption. How could there be a more enriching “devotional” subject than this? I assure you, I will be using this book as a daily devotional as soon as it is published. It will help me grow stronger in the marvelous truths that not only bring us to Christ initially, but continue to nourish us as we respond rightly to the gospel for the rest of our lives.

(2) For my fellow Christians. I pray that my brothers and sisters will find this “devotional” book a source of strength in their own lives. But also, I hope that focusing on what God has done in Christ and how we ought to respond to it will help others in their evangelistic efforts. I pray it will be a tool they can use with their own study contacts, and I also pray it will help equip them to more effectively teach the gospel to others. My most fervent prayer for this book, however, is that it will help motivate the Lord’s people to be more fervent in the work of evangelism.

(3) For non-Christians. Obviously, I hope this book will be one that can be given to non-Christians, with the expectation that it will draw their attention to the gospel and make them want to study the Scriptures more fully. I plan to use it as an evangelistic tool myself, and as I write each page I am thinking of specific people to whom I plan to give a copy of the book. I plan to price the book as low as possible so that it can be bought in bulk quantities, both by individuals and congregations.

I have completed the writing of one-sixth of the 366 pages in the book. That may not seem like much, but the first 50–60 pages of these books are always the hardest to write, so I am glad to be past the most difficult stage. With each page I write now, the momentum will pick up. If I can get to the halfway point late this year or early next year, I will rejoice to be on the “downhill” side of the project. Lord willing, I hope to publish the book sometime in 2020.

In addition to the actual writing, this book is taking a great deal of thought, prayer, and study. The investment of myself emotionally in this book is taking a toll and leaving me exhausted. So I hope that you will pray for my health and my stamina. This work means a great deal to me, and I deeply appreciate your willingness to financially underwrite what I am doing. Having the opportunity to write this book is something I count as a great privilege.

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