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My prayer is that your new year is off to a good start, and that you are being blessed in your work in the Lord.

Obeying the Gospel and have been well received, for which I’m thankful. It has been fascinating for me to hear of the number of married couples who are reading the daily pages in the book together each day, sometimes at the breakfast table. I am reading the book each day myself, so it is marvelous to imagine the other people who are reading the same page on the same day that I am reading it. Most of all, of course, I am praying that God will providentially put this book into the hands of non-Christians who will be pointed to the gospel in the New Testament.

Briefly, here are the main objectives for my work during this new year:

(1) Audio recordings for Obeying the Gospel. As those already know who have subscribed to the daily email list for Obeying the Gospel, I am making audio recordings for each of the pages in the book. It takes a block of time, seven days a week, for me to do these, but once they are completed, they will extend the reach of the daily readings considerably. People can get these audio tracks as a daily podcast, and the list of podcast subscribers is growing steadily.

(2) Website additions. This year, I plan to begin the task of adding all of my teaching material to the website. Some of it is already there, but much of it has never been added. So I plan to begin doing this, little by little. Eventually, I hope that my entire body of work can be available — and searchable — on the internet. I have a dream that one day will be a complete repository of all the written work that I have done.

(3) Preparation for writing Walking in Christ. Next up in the WordPoints Daybook Series is Volume 6, which will be called Walking in Christ. Before the writing has begun, each of these books has taken a considerable amount of time in reading, pondering, praying, and preparing. My goal is to begin the actual writing of Walking in Christ a year from now, so 2021 will be spent in what is really the most critical part of the work: preparing my heart for the writing.

As soon as the restrictions related to the pandemic begin to loosen up, I plan to begin making personal visits to the congregations and individuals who support me. It has been far too long since I saw many of you face to face, and I am anxious to reconnect with you in that way.

I had the privilege of preaching at Clarksville, Indiana on January 3. The congregation there is without a local preacher right now, and it was a pleasure to help them kick off their theme for this year, “A Church with a Mind to Work.” They have asked me to return on February 7.

I am glad to say that the support which I lost late last year has been replaced. The Lord has always been very gracious in providing my support, and I am thankful for the remarkable generosity of my brethren. I have been doing the Lord’s work for fifty years, and I just do not have any “horror stories” about having to do without support. The Lord has always provided for me, and it is a blessing to be able to keep working without having any financial concerns.

Thanks to each of you for your part in my support. I’m not exaggerating when I say that it is an honor to be connected to you in this way.

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