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‘Heaven’ by Peter Kreeft

While I was writing “Reaching Forward,” a book called “Heaven: The Heart’s Deepest Longing” by Peter Kreeft came to my attention, and it has become one of my most beloved books of all time.

Are We Soothing? . . . or Disturbing?

In this fallen world, the status quo is usually something that is not pleasing to God, and we — His countercultural people — need to be the instigators of rebellion against all that is not right.

Daily Bible Reading . . . Together

Find somebody to share a daily Bible reading program with. Many such plans are available; just pick one and ask somebody if they will follow that plan along with you. You’ll think about that person as you read, and you’ll talk about what you are reading.

The Ugliest Woman I Ever Saw

I hope that somebody in the life of that disfigured woman at the truck stop will see her not “according to the flesh” but with eyes that see what God sees: a creature who means as much to Him as anybody else He ever made. I hope so. I pray so.

We Are Not Given Unlimited Time

if there is something we know the Lord is going to expect us to have done, then we’d better get busy doing it. We need to work “like there’s no tomorrow” — for no tomorrow may turn out to be exactly what we get.

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