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Major Milestone for

I’d like to share a bit of good news here on the first day of 2017. We were notified by FeedSpot last week that has been chosen for their list of the “Top 30 Devotional Blogs and Websites For Christians.”

What’s Your Evangelism-to-Entertainment Ratio?

How can we say that we don’t have the time to share our faith when we spend so many more hours on things that, by everyone’s admission, are far less important?

A New Year

During the new year, we will again be presented with daily opportunities to use ourselves actively for God’s purposes. What will we do with those opportunities?

Every Act Counts

Personal responsibility simply means owning our responses to what has come our way and accepting this hard truth: our character today is the end product of what we’ve been choosing since we started making choices.

Taking the Time to Grow Spiritually

Living in a culture where people have been led to believe they can “have it all,” we suppose that there must be a way to grow to spiritual maturity without doing anything other than what we’ve already been doing. But that is folly.

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