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Greetings in the Lord. I pray that His work in the place where you live is prospering according to His will.

It was a delight to be with the Twin City congregation in College Station TX on January 19–24. This congregation has supported me for many years, and it was a treat, as always, to be in their midst. I had an opportunity to teach the college-age group in a study on Friday evening, and then presented my new “Obeying the Gospel” lessons in the Sunday-Wednesday services of the meeting. This was the first presentation of these lessons, and so I appreciate the brothers and sisters there being “guinea pigs” and listening to sermons that are still very much in the rough-draft stage of their development. (I will be presenting this series again in Trenton FL next month.) Thanks to my good buddy Chuck Durham, who preaches at Twin City, for making my visit there such a pleasure in every way.

After the meeting in College Station, I spent two nights with Dee & Norma Bowman in Pasadena TX. What a joy to relish the hospitality of these two friends. The Southside congregation, where Dee preaches, has also supported me for a long time, and I cherish the special connection I have with that church. It was thirty-nine years ago that Dee and I first became friends, and there is no one who has gone more out of their way to encourage me in the preaching of the gospel than him. We made some special memories on this visit. Thank you Dee & Norma.

In my last report, I mentioned that I wanted to share with you some of my work goals for this year.

(1) Obeying the Gospel. This will be my top priority. I hope to finalize the above-mentioned sermon series and also get half of the book written on this topic, which will be Book 5 in the WordPoints Daybook Series. This year and next, the idea of “obeying the gospel” will be the main focus of my personal study and devotion. Already, I have come to love the Lord much more as a result of meditating on His marvelous plan to provide a way back to Him for all those who are willing to accept His grace on His terms. I pray that these sermons, the book, and the related material on my website will be of good use in my own evangelism — and that of other people as well.

(2) Daily Family Bible Studies. By the end of this year, I would like to have finished Years 3 & 4 of these studies, so that all four years’ worth of this material can be available as PDF ebooks. At present, 811 people get these studies by email each Saturday, and there were over 700 downloads of the free PDFs of Years 1 & 2 offered late last year.

(3) Gospel Meetings. I have about a half-dozen commitments this year to speak in gospel meetings. I look forward to each of these teaching opportunities and welcome the contacts with other Christians that come about when I am able to travel and speak on the road.

(4) Are You a Christian? (Are You Sure?). This will be a special evangelistic section of the website that I am excited about developing. I will be providing more information about this as the year progresses.

These are not all the projects I have in mind, but they will give you an idea of the direction my work will be taking, Lord willing. Thank you for the generous ways you help me to do the work the Lord has placed in front of me.

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