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Communication (September 20)

Communication between human beings is a marvelous thing. When we communicate honorably, lovingly, and openly we do a greater good than if we just lived a good life. As powerful as our deeds and our example may be by themselves, we still need to communicate.

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Recommendation (September 19)

In addition to praising our friends directly, what about the importance of praising them to other people? If we’re going to talk behind their back, why can’t we focus on the good things that can truthfully be said about them?

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Concentration (September 18)

Emerson described our situation by comparing it to agricultural work: “As the gardener, by severe pruning, forces the sap of the tree into one or two vigorous limbs, so should you stop off your miscellaneous activity and concentrate your force on one or a few points.”

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Effectiveness (September 17)

What are your goals, values, principles . . . and priorities? You must choose your passion and pursue it effectively. But as you make your choice, understand this: whatever it means for others, effectiveness for you will mean serving where you can serve best.

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Mindfulness (September 16)

When we give ourselves to others as more mindful persons, we honor them. So I urge you to practice a greater degree of mindfulness, especially with those you love. Give them the gift of your deliberate attention. Be present for them — mindfully.

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Completeness (September 15)

It is dangerous to neglect any unfinished business, but if the unfinished business is our character, that’s the most dangerous deficiency of all. So how high are your character goals? What are you still lacking? Are you working on a character that is more completely perfect?

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