More Enthusiastic Ideas

Motives (April 24)

If we want to be more highly motivated, we must elevate our motives. The higher they are, the more powerful they will be. And when we operate from the very highest motives of all, great mountains become moveable and unbearable burdens become easy to carry.

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Cleanliness (April 23)

I believe we do need to keep things clean outwardly, but however much we’re concerned about that, we need to be even more concerned about our inward life. Too many of our hearts are disheveled and dirty. They’re overdue for a cleaning!

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Seriousness (April 22)

We should aspire to having the capacity for careful thought and consideration. Rather than dabbling, we should become deeply interested and involved with the big issues. We should know what diligence means. And we should even know when gravity and solemnity are in order.

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Circumspection (April 21)

In deciding what to be circumspect about, most of us should be less concerned about physical issues and more concerned about spiritual and moral ones. So let the question of moral integrity be the one where you “watch your step” most carefully.

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