More Enthusiastic Ideas

Possibilities (July 21)

Before you say, “That’s impossible; I can’t do it,” hold your tongue. Don’t underestimate your possibilities. There’s a great deal of truth in Jim Goodwin’s remark, “The impossible is often the untried.” So give it a try. Aim high, and aspire to things you think are beyond your reach.

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Steadfastness (July 20)

Steadfastness is one of the supreme aspects of the good life — none of us can claim to have “arrived” until we’ve learned it. And yes, it is hard. To keep on keeping on, when everybody else is quitting, is not easy. But in the end, the quitter’s life is even harder.

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Comprehension (July 19)

“If the works of God were of such sort that they might easily be comprehended by human reason, they should no longer be called wonderful or unspeakable” (Thomas à Kempis). We’d comprehend more if we bowed in awe before some things that can’t be comprehended.

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Almsgiving (July 18)

Our word “almsgiving” comes from a Greek noun meaning “pity” or “mercy”, and the giving of alms was an act much more highly regarded in ancient times than it is today. We would do well to recover some of the old attitude toward almsgiving.

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Equity (July 17)

Double standards are a plague upon our society. We don’t see how often we apply a stricter standard to others than we apply to ourselves. We don’t see how often we criticize “the other side” for actions that, if we did the very same thing, would not be thought objectionable.

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Rationality (July 16)

As personal beings, we can differentiate between truth and untruth, and between right and wrong. We can weigh multiple courses of action and choose the one that is best to follow. And with this ability to reason, we have a great deal of freedom.

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