More Enthusiastic Ideas

Sacrifice (March 26)

We must be able to let go of what we want for ourselves in order to serve other people. And we must learn to make costly sacrifices for others, letting go of things that we desperately need and can hardly do without, so that others will have what they need.

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Chastity (March 25)

Chastity, or purity, for single people means waiting until marriage, and for those who are married it means not violating the exclusiveness of the relationship. Sexual purity is important for every person in the world, whether married or unmarried.

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Connections (March 24)

Our connections to other people will, at least some of the time, involve some discomfort. But even so, we’re better off being connected than disconnected. If there’s a price to be paid for relationship and involvement, it’s a price worth paying.

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Management (March 23)

Our thoughts and our habits have to be managed just as surely as our money and our time. But here the level of difficulty is much higher. Out of any one hundred “external” managers, there might be only one or two who are good at “internal” management.

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Accessibility (March 22)

Granted, we need to be careful what ideas we allow to become fixtures in our minds, but if we are resistant and unwilling to be influenced at all, then we’ve cut ourselves off from good influences as well as the bad ones. People whom others can’t influence are people who don’t grow.

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Resurrection (March 21)

Without a conscious choice to grow, our lives tend to decline. If we don’t decide to be refreshed, we won’t be. So while the sap is rising in the world of nature, it’s a good time to make some thoughtful commitments of our own. This spring, in what ways shall we be “new”?

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